Your Relief Is Your Privilege

The old oligarch is gone! Long live the new oligarch.

Who is included in your sigh of relief?

Who is left out?

Biden enforces Blackness, 2020 (Credit: gprime85)

If you are undocumented, if you still don’t have healthcare, if you exist below the ‘middle class’, if you live under drone-filled skies, if your country has lithium reserves, or if you want the planet to live another hundred years — Biden brings you no sigh of relief.

Now is the time to fight HARDER.
  1. At this point, I can only understand American Exceptionalism to mean we don’t deserve the things that everyone else has.




logophile, leftist, lover of learning.

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Pyotr Malatesta

Pyotr Malatesta

logophile, leftist, lover of learning.

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