"not to beat a dead donkey..."

(Though perhaps we should!)

Thinking about this from a purely psychological perspective, I really see a backdrop of fear behind the whole thing. Having a president we hate is uncomfortable but not necessarily "scary", to many liberals. We know the machine can withstand a 'bad' president; it happened in recent memory with Bush. The machine knew exactly what to do, it sent him peacefully into the world of painting, and quickly began rehabilitating his image. We've been through that before, and many liberals will be happy to have Trump, like Bush, just gone (without any justice for his actions while in office).

But the death of a sitting POTUS is a rupture, a break, a venture into the unknown.

Devil you know, i suppose.




logophile, leftist, lover of learning.

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Pyotr Malatesta

Pyotr Malatesta

logophile, leftist, lover of learning.

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