The Progressive Prosecutor

As San Francisco District Attorney, Harris:

“Is this an indica?”

As California Attorney General, Harris:

As Senator from California, Harris:

  • co-sponsored anti-sex worker legislation FOSTA and SESTA, once again putting sex workers in danger.
  • initially opposed the First Step Act, which introduced numerous criminal justice reforms but was nonetheless narrow in scope. Among these reforms was the prohibition of the solitary confinement of juvenile inmates. Harris later signed on to a revised version of the bill.
  • made speeches both on the record and off-the-record to AIPAC, lobby for the genocidal right-wing Israeli government.
  • voted twice for Trump’s military escalation in Syria.
  • half-endorsed but then walked back support for Medicare for All. She has since signed on to Biden’s “Medicare at 60” plan, which is notably less progressive than even Hillary Clinton’s plan.

But She’s Changed!

It’s All A Joke

Uh, sorry, Jamal.


  1. She also said as a Jamaican, “of course” she’d smoked weed. Her father called her out for perpetuating the stereotype.
  2. Harris’ claim that she smoked weed in college while listening to Snoop Dogg is factually impossible.
  3. Bernie was there too, I guess.
  4. And that kind of legislation comes only after the people stand up.




logophile, leftist, lover of learning.

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Pyotr Malatesta

Pyotr Malatesta

logophile, leftist, lover of learning.

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